3 Top Travel Trailer Weight Distribution Hitches

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

Choosing the right weight distribution hitch for your travel trailer is essential for safe towing. Here are three top options that provide excellent weight distribution and sway control.

  1. Equal-i-zer 4-Point Sway Control Hitch: Known for its superior sway control, this hitch distributes weight evenly across axles, ensuring a stable ride. Easy to set up and reduces wear on tires and suspension.
  2. Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch: Made from lightweight yet sturdy materials, this hitch offers great weight distribution and sway control. Its unique design reduces chucking and jarring movements, providing a smooth towing experience.
  3. Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch: Trusted for its sway control technology, this hitch minimizes trailer sway caused by various factors. Easy to install and adjust, it offers durability for worry-free travels.

Investing in a reliable weight distribution hitch is crucial for safe and enjoyable towing. Consider the Equal-i-zer 4-Point Sway Control Hitch, Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch, and Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch, all offering excellent weight distribution and sway control features. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy a smoother towing experience.

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